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You Can Help


The EARTH-SHIP global warming program will be of more benefit to the people under 20 years of age then it will for anyone else. That's why younger people should take a greater interest in the program.


Dr. David Suzuki

The younger you are the more change you will see in your lifetime. This change will have increasingly more severe consequences with each passing year. As a result, your life on earth may not be as pleasant as it was for those who came before you. You definitely will not have the same number of resources previous generations did, nor the same amount of fresh water, nor trees, nor bio-diversity, nor the same moderate climate. This is a very good reason for you to do whatever you can to help stop the climate change NOW, before it's too late.

A dramatic change in lifestyle will be required for all people if our planet is to continue much as it is today. But this change will be somewhat easier for people under 20 years of age then it will be for everyone else. But no matter how old you are change is needed.

If you have read about the EARTH-SHIP global warming program then you know how it works and you know our goal is to unite all of the world's people and in so doing give mankind one clear and demonstrative voice: Stop Global Warming Now.

But the EARTH-SHIP global warming program requires money if we are to continue operating.

One hundred percent (100%) of every dollar you give to the EARTH-SHIP program, and over 90% of every dollar you spend in the EARTH-SHIP's Store, will go toward the fight to reduce global warming. No contribution is too small. Please do your part to help stop global warming.