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Ship Owner

THE SHIPOWNER: Capt. D.C. Anderson

Capt. D.C. Anderson is the President and founder of Earth Ship Limited, (ESL) a Nevis based corporation that has owned and operated various types of vessels since 1974.

In 1985, ESL became the first company in this country to design, build, and successfully operate a system of "auxiliary wind propulsion" for use on merchant ships. Click here to see the Carib Alba, a 3,500 ton bulk carrier using auxiliary wind propulsion. Several other nations, including France, England, and notably Japan, did the same. But only ESL's COMSAIL system ever proved to be cost-effective and therefore commercially viable. ESL and the prototype vessel were featured in major newspapers around the world and on several television news programs in this country.

From 1998 until 1993, ESL owned and operated a non-union tug and barge company in New York harbor. This was the first non-union tug and barge company to operate in New York harbor since the ILA took control of the harbor in the early fifties. Anderson was responsible for all phases of ship management and operations. This included dry docking and repair of numerous vessels, all regulatory matters, customer relations, classification, and USCG certification.

Capt. Anderson and ESL have over 30 years of experience with the size and type of vessel(s) which will be used in this opportunity. Anderson is also well qualified to handle the survey, selection, and purchase of vessels. During the life of the charter ESL will conduct all operational matters such as insurance, victualing, crewing, maintenance and repair.

If Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory is selected by the Investor to be the Charity on board The Earth Ship, then they will also add a good deal of ship operating experience to this opportunity. All of the scheduling and teaching aspects of the Global Warming Program will be handled by the Charity.