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Become an activists and join Earth-Ship and fight global warming
				and promote awareness of climate change.



The Problem

Global warming is the first truly global problem mankind has ever faced: melting glaciers, loss of arable land, more severe storms, lack of fresh water, over population, the list goes on. These problems are global in nature and therefore require a global response.

It is for this reason that the people of the world must unite in order to form a global response to our worsening global situation. As individuals none of us has a voice when it comes to global issues. The EARTH-SHIP global warming program will address this problem by uniting people around the world and thereby increasing global warming awareness for global warming issues, global warming chief among them. Increased global warming awareness will lead to increased action.

If enough people speak up, often enough, governments and corporations around the world will be forced to pay attention. Change will take place and mankind will one day return to a more sustainable path.

Prior to the EARTH-SHIP program there has never been an attempt to unite the world's people in order to provide a global voice to address a global warming issues.

The EARTH-SHIP program is the first of its kind.

The Solution

The EARTH-SHIP program is a floating auditorium that uses live video conferencing, lectures, meetings and a myriad of social events to bring people together. People who partake in the EARTH-SHIP global warming program will be able to say that they are no longer part of the problem as individuals. Instead people will know they are part of the EARTH-SHIP family and therefore a part of the solution.

EARTH-SHIP will use all forms of communication but it is the live video conferencing (LVC) capabilities that will allow people to interact on a personal level with other concerned people in different locations around the world. This will provide all participants with a sense of community that only direct interaction can create. A global community is essential if mankind is ever going to address global warming.

EARTH-SHIP will be a "people to people program", and not a federal program from nation to nation, or government to government. "Power to the people" has new meaning when confronting a truly global problem. The benefit of increasing the public's awareness was summarized best by Dr. David Suzuki, the BBC commentator and well-known environmentalists, when he said, "If the people will lead, the leaders will follow". EARTH-SHIP will attempt to give the world's people one voice.

The Program

The EARTH-SHIP program is a floating auditorium housed on a Tall Ship that will move from port to port and country-to-country all around the world. Eventually there will be many ships. There will be lectures, documentary films, food and music, all delivered in an upbeat, exciting venue.

(Note: Future vessels will be built new. The funding for the new ships will come from various multinational corporations. Go to Future Funding to learn how this unprecedented combination of sponsorship, donation, and a leveraged business expense will both diminish the exposure of corporations as well as exponentially increase their return.)

But the EARTH-SHIP global warming program will also have a very serious side. There will be a live video conferencing (LVC) screen on the ship. The screen will show four locations at the same time. One location will include all the various people gathered on the main deck and on the adjacent pier. There will also be three other locations from around the world on the screen at the same time.

The members of the LVC will consist of invited guests from a regional university, the on-board university, local government officials, business leaders and the general public who have gathered on the ship's deck and on the adjacent pier. These people will be able to talk freely among themselves as well as to hear what other ordinary citizens all around the world feel about global warming. The topic will vary but the general discussion will be about global warming, who or what is responsible, what the consequences will be for mankind, and what should this generation do to stop it.

Imagine a global warming conference organized in a large auditorium. Now imagine if you could move that auditorium from city to city all around the world. That is exactly what the EARTH-SHIP program will do. In the process the EARTH-SHIP global warming program will reach millions of people every year. When there are a number of vessels in the program an EARTH-SHIP will likely return to the same port year after year.

The EARTH-SHIP will be the beginning of a global movement to stop global warming but the program itself has no agenda, and advocates no position on any issue. The EARTH-SHIP will be the medium, not the message.


The first ship already exists; she is 700 tons deadweight and is now located in Germany. Additional ships, EARTH-SHIP ONE, EARTH-SHIP TWO, and so on, will be larger vessels of approximately 3,800 tons and built new from the keel up. (Please refer to the design drawings of Future Ships and be sure to look at the three classes of cabins).

The ship(s) will be either owned or chartered by EARTH-SHIP Limited, The funds needed to put the first EARTH-SHIP into service will come from contributions from individuals. Individual contributions are essential to the success of any grass-roots movement.

Once the EARTH-SHIP global warming program is operational it will become obvious to medium sized companies and multinational corporations that this effort will attract large crowd of concerned citizens. As a result of this it is likely that corporations will play a greater roll in funding the new constructions of future ships.

But the EARTH-SHIP program requires money in order to continue operations. Your contribution is vital to the success of the program and therefore vital in the fight to help stop global warming.

One hundred percent (100%) of every dollar you give to the EARTH-SHIP will go toward the fight to reduce green house gases. No contribution is too small. Every dollar counts so please do your part to help stop global warming.