"Join the Earth-Ship Crew: Make a Difference in Your World"
Become an activists and join Earth-Ship and fight global warming
				and promote awareness of climate change.



When confronting truly global issues, like climate change, mankind must be able to speak with one voice. People can accomplish almost anything when they are united for a common cause.

The mission of the EARTH-SHIP global warming program is to unite people from around the world in order to raise awareness about global warming. Using innovative Internet-based video conferencing technology, EARTH-SHIP will facilitate a proactive dialogue amongst the people of the world.

EARTH-SHIP is a people-to-people global warming program that will use technology to project its message across national boundaries, mountain ranges and oceans. The program is based on a ship. The ship, and eventually ships, will be a floating auditorium that will continuously move from port to port and country. In every port there will be a very positive high-energy event involving food, music, lectures, meetings and live video conferencing.

EARTH-SHIP will enable people from many different countries to speak to each other and address various issues of mutual concern. In turn this will weave together a fabric of global concern for our planet. The EARTH-SHIP program will bring all of mankind under a common umbrella of GLOBAL WARMING AWARENESS, GLOBAL WARMING CONCERN and GLOBAL WARMING ACTION.

EARTH-SHIP also offers a unique opportunity for corporations to engage in a highly visible and positive environmental initiative that will yield material benefits far beyond any form of conventional sponsorship or donation.