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A Personal Message From the Earth-Ship Captain

Virtually every civilization that came before ours collapsed or crashed entirely due to the mismanagement of their environment and the over use of their resources.

This included the Samarians in 600 BC, the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Norsemen from Greenland and the Easter Islanders in the South Pacific. These civilizations - along with many others - are all gone and for the same reason. None of these people paid attention to the environmental warnings they received. Are we any different today? Are we not doing the exact same thing?

We are supposed to be smarter then those that came before us. If for no other reason we have the ability to learn from the mistakes others have made. Even if we do see the problem, we don't seem able to organization ourselves into a coherent force in order to address global warming issues. We have no global leader; no one person is in charge and therefore we tend to view global warming as someone else's fault.

That's why governments can't seem to make the hard decisions needed to reduce CO2 emissions.

The best a democracy can do is split the difference and make the most people happy for the longest period of time. That works fine in some cases, but when it comes to truly global problems, like global warming and climate change, governments will be required to make some very difficult discussions. Splitting the difference to satisfy the masses will no longer work.

The next strongest entity on the planet would be the multinational corporations. People control corporations but the corporation itself does not have a mind or a conscience. A corporation has a mandate to make money for the shareholder and nothing more. In a world of diminishing natural resources, simply trying to make more money using the remaining resources is not going to solve our problems.

Corporations won't do much because they do not see how to make a profit in the process.

The strongest force on this planet is people. People have the power to do anything provided they can be organized into a coherent force. If a large number of people speak with one voice they can change anything, everything. This is the goal of the EARTH-SHIP program, to organize the people of the world and to allow them to speak with one very loud voice.

History is replete with examples of people who have come together and prevailed against overwhelming odds. Therefore the goal of EARTH-SHIP is to inform all mankind that:

  1. We all have a common problem
  2. We all need to make some degree of sacrifice in order to solve the problem

But our problem today is many times more difficult than any problem mankind has faced before. For one, global warming requires a great deal of understanding just to be able to recognize the problem. Secondly, because global warming is global in nature it also requires the cooperation of the entire world. Finally, if everyone understood global warming completely and was therefore willing to make the necessary changes to help control climate change, the earth's population still lacks the global coordination needed to mount such a fight.

The EARTH-SHIP program was created to allow mankind to communicate, cooperate and coordinate a concerted effort to address climate change.

As noted in the Home Page video, Earth Ship Limited has been successful with other environmental innovations in the past. But this project is bigger, much bigger. This time we will need to raise a good deal of money from the public in order to move to the next step. For this reason your contribution is vital to the program and vital in the fight to help stop global warming.

One hundred percent (100%) of every dollar you give to the EARTH-SHIP will go toward the fight to reduce green house gases. No contribution is too small. Every dollar counts so please do your part to help stop global warming.