"Join the Earth-Ship Crew: Make a Difference in Your World"
Become an activists and join Earth-Ship and fight global warming
				and promote awareness of climate change.



Contributions from individuals will always be important to the EARTH-SHIP global warming program, but multi-national corporations must continue to do their part as well. Eventually there will be many EARTH-SHIPs. Each of the future Earth Ship will be built new from the keel up and for this reason a great deal of money and support will be required. Earth Ship Limited, the owner of the first EARTH-SHIP(s), has developed an unprecedented business opportunity for corporations to participate in this unique venture.

Corporations choosing to invest in the EARTH-SHIP(s) stop adverse climate change program can enjoy a highly leveraged business expense, donate their investment to a not-for-profit organization but maintain an unprecedented access to the asset without violating the Partial Interest Rule.

This opportunity should allow corporations the added financial incentive they are looking for in order to help them to be a part of a program that will do good for humanity, and look good to their constituents. Each ship, and each corporation will be a unique situation. Further discussion will be needed and a tax opinion letter is available.

A number of corporations have already taken an interest in this unusual and very profitable opportunity, including Time Warner, Swiss Re, Wachovia, Hewlett Packard and others. Complete documentation including a Tax Opinion Letter is available.

The EARTH-SHIP will always be a global grassroots people-to-people program but we need and welcome the involvement of US corporations. If you or your company is interested in knowing more about this investment opportunity please contact our sponsorship officer.

In the mean time, make your dollars count. One hundred percent (100%) of every dollar you give to the EARTH-SHIP program, and 100% of all profit from the sale of goods in the EARTH-SHIP's store, will go toward the fight to reduce Kyoto Protocol and global warming. No contribution is too small. Please do your part to help stop global warming.