"Join the Earth-Ship Crew: Make a Difference in Your World"
Become an activists and join Earth-Ship and fight global warming
				and promote awareness of climate change.



Time Warner's V.P. Tax

"Earth-Ship is a fairly interesting and novel way to turn corporate sponsorship of this environmental undertaking into an effective tax shelter."

A tax attorney at Hewlett-Packard

"I am of the opinion that in principle, a charitable deduction for the remaining lease value of The Earth Ship could be sustained."

A tax Attorney's in New York City

"In our view, a charitable contribution should be allowable for a contribution by the taxpayer of a specified temporal portion of the ship's charter."

The Universidad Nacional in Cost Rica, the Chair, School of Biological Sciences

"We have considered the guidelines, purposes and educational objectives of (Earth-Ship) and we are very interested in participating in the program."

School of Accounting and Management in Trinidad, the Director

"Earth-Ship is not only innovative for this region but an exciting program in which all would like to participate."

The Government of Papua New Guinea, the Minister of the Environment and Conservation

"On behalf of the PNG Government, I am interested in the Earth-Ship program."

The Bank Street College

"We are very interested in pursuing a partnership agreement that would provide Earth-Ship with the video production skills and educational know-how that makes Bank Street America's most trusted name in education."

Dr. Paul Ehrlich, Stanford University

"We are writing in support of your innovative Earth-Ship project to link university students around the world via live video conferencing in order to raise their global warming awareness of the environmental issues facing mankind."

Dr. David Pimentell, Cornell University

"I have strongly supported Earth-Ship from the very beginning. The reasoning behind this is that we desperately need your project to help raise the world population's attention concern global warming and environmental degradation."

Ross Gelbspan, author of The Heat Is On

"I must tell you how enthusiastic I am about the proposed Earth-Ship program. This is one of the most innovative and exciting projects I have every come across."

Pete Seeger

"You have proposed a very good way of activating thousands of people around the world."

The Nature Conservancy, Director of Resources

"We would be very interested in pursuing (Earth-Ship) so we could carry out environmental education and ecotourism programs."

American Museum of Natural History, Director, Discovery Tours

"I believe Earth-Ship is an excellent idea.

Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico

"I can now report with a high degree of assuredness that the combination of a teaching program with a community outreach component should be a great success."