"Join the Earth-Ship Crew: Make a Difference in Your World"
Become an activists and join Earth-Ship and fight global warming
				and promote awareness of climate change.



Earth Ship Limited, the company behind the EARTH-SHIP program, is in the same position today as it was in 1985 when they demonstrated to the world that auxiliary wind propulsion would work on merchant ships.

Prior to 1985 the US was not ready to talk about energy conservation. That included both corporations and the capital markets. However, by 1985 oil prices had risen to the point where Wall Street decided to take a closer look at energy conservation. Soon Wall Street was throwing money at anything that could save oil.

Today the entire earth is beginning to feel the impact of the climate change resulting from the global warming. This problem must be dealt with because it global warming is:

The first EARTH-SHIP will be launched using Earth Ship Limited's own resources along with contributions from individuals and corporations. Depending on how soon the funds will be available Earth Ship Limited will either long-term time charger a large sailing vessel or purchase one outright. If a vessel is purchased she will become Earth Ship Limited's floating office once newer vessels are added to the fleet.

Once corporations see the amount of attention that is being paid to global warming and the good work the EARTH-SHIP is doing, they are likely to become more interested in the program. Please refer to the future funding page for more information on corporate involvement with future EARTH-SHIPs.

But the EARTH-SHIP program requires money if we are to continue operating.

You can make your dollars count. One hundred percent (100%) of every dollar you give to the EARTH-SHIP program, and 100% of all profit from the sale of goods in the EARTH-SHIP's Store, will go toward the fight to reduce global warming. No contribution is too small. Please do your part to help stop global warming.