"Join the Earth-Ship Crew: Make a Difference in Your World"
Become an activists and join Earth-Ship and fight global warming
				and promote awareness of climate change.



The EARTH-SHIP concept has been endorsed by business professionals, tax attorneys, environmentalists, authors and journalists. Click here to see some of our endorsements.

The corporate investor will purchase the use of The EARTH-SHIP for an extended period of time. A well-known charity selected by the corporate investor will travel with the ship and help to deliver the EARTH-SHIP program. The program will use live video conferencing as a means of linking the world's people together. The corporate investor will maintain an unprecedented level of control over everything to do with the ship, the program, and the donation.

During the first year the corporate investor will have the full and unfettered use of the ship. During this period of time the public will make a strong connection between the Charity, the corporate investor, the corporation's products, certain global issues and EARTH-SHIP program.

After the first year the corporate investor may choose to donate all, or a portion of the time purchased on the ship to the charity. The value of the donation will be the fair market value of the time remaining in the charter. If all of the ship's charter is donated to the charity in year two, the tax savings could be so substantial as to return the entire cost of the charter. If most of the charter is donated, but some is kept for use by the corporate investor, then the commercial interests of the corporation will be served for years to come, while at the same time reducing the current tax obligation.

Each case, each ship, and each situation will be different. The needs, goals and ambitions of each investor will be taken into consideration in an effort to maximize the returns for all concerned. Finally, the corporate investor will have a year or more to decide what the trade-off between the tax-savings and the other commercial interests will be.

Increased World Unity

In the increasingly fractious world we live in today, it is impossible to overstate the importance of "Increased World Unity." What better way to increase world unity then to focus the world attention on our common problems. As the EARTH-SHIP concept does this - Click here to see the big picture - it will give the corporate investor active participation in, and control of, a program which will increase awareness for various global issues, while at the same time focusing the world attention on the investor's products and services. In time this program will have positive, measurable, and lasting results; on global issues, and on the investor's bottom-line.

Tax Savings

The unique manner in which the ship's charter will be donated should allow the investor to enjoy a positive equity return. In this case the commercial benefits would exist only during the first year and all of the remaining time on the charter would be donated to a not-for-profit organization sometime in the second year.


The ship's corporate sponsors will be seen in print, radio, and television, in this country and around the world. Tall sailing ships attract attention wherever they go; even in big cites like New York people stop and stare when a tall ship sails by. The EARTH-SHIP will be seen by millions of people and likely enjoy television exposure on PBS, MTV, National Geographic, and Discovery. Live video conferencing is at the core of EARTH-SHIP program. This will expose the corporate sponsor to a wide audience. When the sponsor has control of the ship during the first year, and during any time not donated during subsequent years, there will be no limitations concerning the amount of direct marketing and advertising which can take place.

Public Relations

The corporate sponsors will have their image enhanced all around the world. Our sponsors will be viewed as supporting "Educational Awareness" for various global issues; the environment, promoting the use of renewable energy, promoting sound resource management, sustainable development, and helping in the fight against global warming and pollution. More importantly, the corporate sponsor will be seen doing something good for all people. Combined this will project a very positive global image.

Product Introduction

Those sponsors which chose to market their products to a global audience will enjoy what the ship can do for them. Our sponsor/investors will have the envious opportunity of being able to display their product(s) to a young, well educated, and influential market all around the world. Instead of inviting new customers to come to their showroom, our corporate sponsors will be able to bring their showroom to the customers.


The ship has also been designed to serve as a high-tech floating conference center. The ship will have a large amphitheatre, a meeting room on the Main Deck with live video conferencing capabilities, break-out rooms with computers, satellite communications, VCRs, and ergonomic furnishings. Overnight accommodations will also be available for up to 75 people. The on board conference center can be situated in any of the world's major ports, e.g., Rio during carnival; Cannes, during the film festival; New York City for July 4th. Corporate sponsors will also be able to use the ship on occasion for corporate conferences, or Board Meetings, or executive perks. Click here to see what the EARTH-SHIP along with your company, will look like in various ports around the world.

Employee Incentive

Many corporations today look for new and interesting ways to reward the top performers and outstanding salespeople. What better way to do this than to provide them with a cruise on a classic sailing ship. A cruise on the Earth Ship will be different from a cruise on a passenger liner. This is a classic sailing vessel with only 35 cabins. There will be an attentive staff and passengers will have the option of participating in the operation of the ship and the program. But all of these tangible benefits will pale in comparison to the real value of making a positive, lasting, and meaningful difference in our world.

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