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Time Will Tell When It Comes to GW

In time, there will be no doubt in anyone’s mind about global warming and climate change. Or will there? The problem has to do with ones frame of reference. I am 60 years old and during those years I have … Continue reading

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Global warming is not the problem, at least not the only problem. If warming was all we had to worry about then we might be able to accommodate the change. It’s what the rapid warming of our planet will do … Continue reading

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Join the EARTH-SHIP Movement: Help Stop Global Warming

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What Happened Today?

How will global warming affect marine food chains? – USA Rising temperatures and acidity of the world’s oceans due to human emissions of carbon dioxide is putting marine food webs at risk warned a researcher … NewsChannel 5 learns … Continue reading

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Global Warming News Flashes

GW, and I don’t mean Bush, is in the news every single day. Articles come in from around the world. Here are a few really interesting stories from today, 17 February: Business chiefs vow to lead fight against global warming … Continue reading

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Action is Need – NOW

The salient facts are as follows: Virtually every civilization that came before ours is now gone because they did use their resources wisely, e.g.┬áthe Samarians in 600 BC, the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Norsemen from Greenland and the Easter Islanders, … Continue reading

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