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In the view of the UN Secretary general at a conference in Valencia, Spain, in December 2007, the effects of climate change have become "so severe and so sweeping that only urgent, global warming action will do. There is no time to waste."

Add to that the story the New York Times recently ran that says Boomers are beginning to reach retirement age but unlike generations before them they have more money, they are staying much more active, and they are trying to spend their later years doing some good. Boomers today are trying to make a positive difference in our world.


Dr. David Suzuki

It is for these reasons that it looks like Baby Boomers and the EARTH-SHIP program are a good match. As old expression from the sixties that said, "If you are not part of the solution then you're part of the problem."

Boomers are also understand what organized - and peaceful - opposition can do in a time of crisis. Remember what happened to draft age people in the United States during the Vietnam War? Our Government could not find a way to win the Vietnam War, but nor did they want to lose it. As a result of this apparent dilemma more young men and women were sent into battle.

Perhaps you will also recall that it was university students that eventually banded together and started the movement that resulted in 700,000 people marching on the Mall in Washington. This demonstration, along with other protests, caused the US Government to ignominiously withdraw from Vietnam. This is a perfect illustration of what can happen when a grass-roots movement brings like-minded individuals together. And this is exactly the kind of movement we need today, but this time we need it on a global basis, and we need it now.

The sole purpose of the EARTH-SHIP program will be to bring the world's population together - young professionals, students, teachers, and as many people as possible from all around the world - and unite them in a person-to-person global movement to help stop global warming. This global movement will hopefully do for CO2 emissions what we Boomers did for the Vietnam War. We stopped the war.

Make your dollars count. One hundred percent (100%) of every dollar you give to the EARTH-SHIP program, and over 90% of every dollar you spend in the EARTH-SHIP's Store, will go toward the fight to reduce global warming. No contribution is too small. Please do your part to help stop global warming.